Travel Accessories from Target

While shopping for travel-sized toiletries at Target (they have an entire aisle devoted to travel-friendly products) I decided to explore the luggage/travel accessory aisle and stumbled upon some fun things.

The first thing I found that surprised me: Heys luggage! Though the sales on are a bit more economical (usually it's something like a three-piece set for under $250) the deals at Target are pretty decent. Normally the hardcase spinner goes for $105 but it's only $81.49 at Target - not bad.

They had a sizable collection of GIANT Heys spinners as well, which would be great to use if you were moving across country or maybe to a whole new one altogether.

I was also surprised at the deal they had on compression bags. $22 for a pack of 5 bags, 3 large and 2 medium. You place your items in the bag, close the seal, and then roll it up to squeeze out the air. There are special vents in the bag that let air out but don't let air back in. I normally use gallon-sized Hefty zip-top bags which work great but don't seal in the air that well but if you're desperate for space, these are awesome.

And for all the girly girls there are travel sized hairdryers and curling irons. There are also travel-sized hair straighteners for those who need them, but this particular Target was out of stock so I didn't snap a photo.

I ended up buying myself a set of luggage locks as well. I don't plan on using them for my luggage on the plane for this particular trip since I'll be carrying on all of bags. Instead, I'm going to put a lock on my bags at the hotel for any snoopy, sticky-handed maids (and that will probably be the primary use for these locks).
And look at these cute luggage tags! I ended up getting the cupcake one because I love cupcakes (I've had a sweet spot in my heart for them ever since the first time someone's mom brought them in as a birthday treat in grammar school) and I figure it's pretty unique so I'll be able to spot my bag easily. There were some adult boring style tags as well but let's face it, the whole point is to be able to pick out your bag from a crowd, right?

5 days.