Tiny Umbrellas

I really dislike having to travel with an umbrella. I hate that the TSA has to inspect it and you have to re-wrap it and pack it after passing through security. I hate carrying it as I'm walking around sightseeing. I hate wrapping it up while it's still damp.

But how cute is this umbrella from Zara? Inside is a simple black umbrella, functional and not flashy but this penguin cover makes me smile.

I don't think I'd mind carrying this one around.

In reality, I have a tiny portable umbrella (Totes brand from Target) which suits me just fine but I am so so tempted to upgrade to Mr. Penguin.


  1. Hahahaha that is so cute!!! Umbrellas are one of my biggest dilemmas... To make room for one in my backpacking backpack is such a sacrifice... I didn't bring one to ireland/Scotland even though it rained a bit then, but I had a rain slicker with a hood so that worked okay for me! I used to have a hello kitty umbrella that was so cute too. I think I need to invest in an umbrella that I can hold whilst riding a bike though. Hahaha

  2. You should get a bike with a basket! How cute would that be? Rain slickers are great except when you're trying to look at a paper map or trying not to get your phone wet :(


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