Maui: Wedding Photographer

Maui was a trip planned by my cousin because she got married over the summer at City Hall in LA (while the bulk of the family was on the east coast) and wanted to be able to celebrate the happy occasion with the family. And what better place to do it than somewhere tropical?

They booked the vow renewal through the Maui Marrying Man (Reverend Ron, who also does marriage ceremonies as well). The ceremony took place on a small private white sand beach in Wailea - which means no tourists hanging out on the beach (although a few scuba divers walked through after the ceremony was over) and it was at 8 in the morning, to avoid the heat of the day (I believe the two options are early in the morning or around sunset).

The ceremony was really sweet; Rev. Ron had a lovely message and said some stuff in Hawaiian.

Meanwhile, I was acting as the photographer, using my cousin's awesome fancy DSLR camera.
My style of photography is more architectural, I'd say - I try to take photos of people as if they're buildings and do my best to incorporate the landscape to give the photo some context. However, having learned from a few of my friends that have gone into photography, and one who specifically does weddings, I did my best to make the photos look more romantic. Maybe I could go pro? And then I could travel all over for people's destination weddings! I definitely wouldn't mind.

Congratulations, guys! :)