Hawaiian Shirts

Here's the result of yesterday's boredom:

I started to plan outfits for Maui. I love making lists and pictorial lists are just as fun.

January weather fluctuates between 65 and 85 degrees so I need to plan for slightly cooler weather (in the evenings and early morning) and for days spent snorkeling and lounging on the beach in the hot hot sun. We're also going to watch the sunrise over Haleakala (I'm really excited for this) and it's going to be 40 degrees on top of the mountain so I plan on wearing the warm weather garb I'll be sporting to Newark Airport. Plus, my cousin's having a little on-the-beach wedding ceremony along with a dinner at the Lahaina Luau that same evening so I'm going to need something kind of fancy (because I want to look good in photos).

Oh gosh. 25 days.