Packing for Maui

This trip, I'm sharing a bigger luggage bag (my Brics xtravel spinner) with my baby sister and bringing my Sanaa Hyder carry on. We managed to fit 7 days worth of clothing for two people, plus bathing suits (multiple sets for each of us), snorkels, and shoes in that one bag. I think that's pretty impressive. We used the rolling technique (saves so much space!) and packed thin, light clothing (which makes sense for our destination).

For Christmas, my sister got me a Michael Kors crossbody bag (it's tiny and amazing) and all of my essentials fit neatly inside. I'm really not a purse person - I prefer to be minimal and carry just my wallet, phone, and car keys in my jacket pockets - but of course for travel, it's important to keep all of your stuff contained (pickpockets!).

I'm pretty much done packing everything up but I made myself a list of last minute items I need to remember (things I use regularly like my glasses, phone charger, and wallet that I can't pack away ahead of time) and I just have to do a final run through.

And of course, tomorrow morning I'll be up bright and early to check everyone into their flights so that we have good seats. **TIP! When you're booking your flights initially, even if you can't find seats next to your travel cohorts or your only options are horrible ones adjacent to the lavatories, when you check into your flight, there's a good chance that you'll have the ability to get better seats. Just check in as early as possible (24 hours before the flight is standard but may differ by airline) to see which seats might've opened up. It's kind of a first come, first serve thing because people cancel or miss the plane, etc.

Two days!