luggage (part 2?)

So tomorrow is the debut of the Missoni for Target line and I am still itching with anticipation. I did blog previously that I was interested in the rolling suitcase but I'm not too keen on buying it anymore (though I will be going to browse the clothes). According to this yahoo article, it retails for $170.00 and I don't think I'm willing to spend quite that much. The other major factor that contributed to my change of heart is that last night, I noticed that Gilt was having a sale on Brics luggage. If you don't know, Brics is an Italian bag/luggage company that makes some incredible, functional pieces. I ended up buying this x-travel 21" carry-on spinner in beige for $99 (original retail: $165). It's made of nylon with leather accents so I think it's really chic. It reminds me of my Longchamp tote (which I often use for travel) so my bags will match, it has the 360 degree spinning wheels, and it has the exact measurements allowable for international travel - perfection, right? It's made of super lightweight materials so it's supposed to be just as easy to tote around by its other handles as it is to wheel around.

There are a few mixed reviews that say it's a bit smaller than 21", but I'm glad the problem isn't that it's bigger. I despise checking bags (and refuse to do so) but even more than that, I despise the obnoxious fellow travelers that think it's okay to haul an over-sized monster of a bag onto the plane and take up all of the overhead compartment space. I think I'd rather check my bag than be one of those obnoxious people. Thankfully, I know how to pack properly and I don't think the bag being a bit smaller will be an issue for me.

My bag should be arriving within the next two weeks and I'm v. excited. Hopefully I'll only have fantastic things to say about it!