Ithaca Apple Festival

I'm headed to Ithaca today! My former roommate and I are driving up for the Ithaca Apple Festival, a hint of nostalgia, and to visit my sister - three birds with one stone? As a Cornell graduate, I have some bittersweet feelings about Ithaca. The weather is always fickle, the schoolwork was stressful, and navigating campus meant I'd break a sweat getting a really good calf workout. But, I love Ithaca nonetheless! It's beautiful (a.k.a. gorges), there are tons of fun events in the commons, and the Ithaca farmers market is great. I haven't had a getaway in a while - I think LA was my most recent trip and that was back in July! - so I'm due for a little holiday.

The apple festival is actually an awesome reason to go up because it's so much fun. There are shows, music, and lots of food. I'm excited to chow down on some homemade apple pies.

We're saving lots of money by staying with my sister, who is an RA, in a dorm (which I think is an adventure in itself) and we're driving ourselves because bus costs are around $80 per person. The scariest part of staying in the dorm with my sister is the communal bathrooms and showering with flip flops on. I think I'll survive. I estimate that we'll probably spend $50 each for the entire weekend for gas and food.

I've packed my fashion backpack (meaning I'm using a backpack I'd never put on the ground, i.e. I'm not bringing my Northface Jester) since this is a short trip (2.5 days). It's going to be a bit chilly so I'll need some warmer clothing and in order to save space in my bag, I plan on wearing the same pants all weekend. Judge me if you must, but I don't plan on wrestling in mud and I have control of my own bladder so I think my pants will survive. I can roll up all my tops (space saving and wrinkle preventive) and everything will fit nice and snug. I'll be wearing my boots all weekend because they're comfy and because if it rains, my feet will be well protected.

Anyway, I'm off to exercise George Michael at the dog park before I leave.

Cheers and happy weekend!
Ithaca Weekend


  1. I hearttttttt your blog! I just went crazy looking at the previous posts. We spent more than $50 this wknd i think.. Did we? Hmm.. Anywayyy it was so fun but it was a killer getting re-adjusted back to school life -.-

  2. Oh and dont mind my pseudo existential blog... I just have it to log my own thought process...

  3. Yeah, we spent more than $50, especially if you count our Petrune excursion and pie purchases, but it was still a pretty frugal trip! Haha


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