Another post about feet

I'm the type of airplane passenger that enjoys popping off her shoes for the duration of the flight (so sue me) so having a pair of aloe socks in my carry on is a must. I could be more civilized and leave my shoes on but I'm small enough (5' 3") that I can sit in my chair "Indian style" (is that offensive and politically incorrect?) and I'm not going to be rude and rub my shoes all over the seat. Plus, it's just more comfortable, and let's face it, sitting on your derriere for hours and hours is awful enough so I'm going to do what it takes to be as comfy as I can and give my toes some freedom.

That being said, I must say that I love aloe socks. Kohl's tends to have sales on these every once in a while so I'll stock up and have a few to wear around the house in the winter and a few to take with me when I have to travel by plane. These socks are infused with aloe so they moisturize your feet while you wear them.

During summer travels when I show up to the airport in flip flops, I'm not going to lounge around the airplane barefoot so I pop on these bad boys. Plus, I find that I'm always freezing on airplanes so they keep my little piggies warm and toasty. And in the colder months I'll layer these over the socks I'm already wearing. And instead of putting my shoes back on, I'll just walk around the plane with these socks, which might disgust you, but these socks only have one function for me: to be worn on airplanes.

The importance of taking care of your feet on long trips
Two summers ago when I flew to London with my family, all of us passed out the second we got on the plane and only woke up when the pilot announced that we were landing. I started stretching to wake myself up only to look down and see that my feet were massive and swollen and alerted my family members who both discovered their feet were in the same condition. I'd never realized the importance of getting up and walking around to make sure my blood was circulating adequately. During our 6+ hours of sitting, gravity had sent all the blood to our feet and that is not good. And in addition to not drinking any water, the air on the airplane is really dry so we were also incredibly dehydrated.

Even though I'd had countless airplane adventures before, I guess I'd always been a bit more hydrated and active. So I learned my lesson and since that notorious flight, I've always made it a point to wake up when the flight attendants come around with drinks and I'll order a soda/juice and water (yes, two drinks, because they're always more than happy to oblige) and consuming liquids means I'll have to pee which forces me to get up and walk around to get my muscles some movement. And a little pre-flight preparation, I'll avoid salty foods for a few days prior to prevent my body from really wanting to bloat.

Be good to your body.