Past Trips: Madrid

A few summers ago, I found January flights to Madrid for under $400 per person so I hopped on the chance to take a long weekend holiday to Spain. We stayed at the Petit Palace Italia - Gran Via which was located right in the city center. The hotel was recently refurbished so it was really clean, welcoming, and had a nice modern feel. We took public transportation from the airport to our hotel; Madrid has a great metro system. During our trip we didn't need it much because the city was small enough that we could walk everywhere (but it was definitely convenient).

our first meal
paella mixta
crema parmentier de setas

ensalada de tomate y ques
carrillada de cerdo en su jugo
pollo asado
calamares rebozados con ensalada
The paella was delicious! The seasoning was unbelievable and the rice was cooked perfectly.
The pasta with the spinach and tuna was lovely. The Spanish cheese is what made the dish.
The homemade fresh mozzarella in the salad was so creamy and delicious.
The pork cheeks (when in Rome Madrid!) were really tender and delicious.
Roast chicken, as much as I hate the word, was crazy moist and flavorful.

The calamari was really tender and I was so glad it was served over a fresh salad to cut the potential grease slick from the fryer oil.
bizcocho de chocolate y helado
Chocolate in Europe is much richer and creamier so this chocolate cookie-cake-ice-cream mess was heavenly.

These oranges were the sweetest and juiciest I've ever had.

the sites
Plaza de Espana
Templo de Debod
Jardines Ferraz
Jardines de Sabatini
Palacio Real

Plaza de Orient

Palacio Real

Cathedral Almuneda
Plaza de la Ameria
Iglesia de San
Francisco el Grande
Jardines del Descubrimiento
We were in Madrid for three and a half days and we saw pretty much everything there was to see. I recommend that you put on your walking shoes and explore the city on foot. There's plenty to do outdoors but if you're a museum freak, you'll have lots to browse as well. Museo del Prado was rather impressive and best of all, free admission.

view of Los Austrias from
Viaducto de Requena
Plaza Mayor

Puerta del Toledo

Puerta del Sol
Museo del Prado

more food
millefeuille de dulce de leche
con helado
pintxos: ham sandwich

pintxos: duck confit springroll
pintxos: quesadillas

paella mixta (La Barraca)
sangria (La Barraca)
paella (served)
creme brulee (La Barraca)

caramelos! (candy store)

chocolate cake

It was definitely a whirlwind trip but we observed daily siesta so it was a relaxing holiday too. We almost couldn't help but nap because the entire city pretty much shuts down so we thought we'd go along with custom. I would have loved to spend a few more days here, but I felt like I accomplished and saw everything I wanted to so I was definitely satisfied with our mini break.