I heard on the radio yesterday that airlines are cutting more and more flights so prices are expected to increase drastically in the coming months. That means now, more than ever, I'm going to be tightening my purse strings when it comes to deeming a flight worthy of purchase. This also means planes are going to be crammed full of passengers - good news for environmentalists, bad news for cranky travelers. I also heard that there are going to be even more baggage fee increases. And from my recent flying experiences, airlines are looking to make a penny wherever they can by charging for headphones, in-flight entertainment, blankets, pillows, food; the seat backs even have a slot to swipe your credit card to make your purchases. And most incredibly, last year the discount Euro airline, Ryanair, announced it had plans to charge for toilet usage. Also, the rumors swirling about more airlines deciding to charge for carry on baggage has me in a tizzy as well. I'd be fine being charged for these amenities if the flight fares were lower but they are not!

So if you're a little tight on cash (who isn't these days?) then like me, you scour the web for the best deals for your holiday booking. I'm like a flight/hotel price stalker and I tend to get a bit anxious once I've booked things because I'll worry about whether or not my timing was right. Yapta can alleviate a bit of that anxiety and it's free to sign up. The site helps you track prices before you book so you can time your purchase and it tracks costs after you've booked and helps you get money back when prices drop. There are limited guarantees with the companies willing to dish out refunds and you have to book directly through the airlines/hotels (sorry no Priceline/Expedia/Hotels.com/etc.) but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Honestly, since signing up I haven't received any refunds but I guess I just have impeccable timing with my purchases? The cost tracker has been helpful in aiding me with my impeccable timing though, so it's been a really useful tool nonetheless.

Good luck and happy traveling!