Travel Etiquette

Don't hold up the lines at security
  1. Rumor has it that pretty soon we won't have to take off our shoes for security check in (hoorah!) but we still have to limit the liquids in our carry on bags (boo!). That being said, we still have to abide by that rule for now so I like to wear "easy shoes" to the airport that slip on and slip off. How frustrating is it to be stuck behind the lady wearing strappy shoes with a thousand buckles who holds up the line? And how much more frustrating and embarrassing is it to be that lady?
  2. Have your liquids bagged and ready prior to going to the airport and have them ready to go and easy to grab. You should be able to quickly get them out of your bag and toss them in the tray to be inspected. Don't hold up the line!
  3. Have a similar plan set up for your big electronics. Don't bury your laptop! If you use a protective sleeve have it opened/unzipped so you can pull it out and place it easily in the tray.
  4. Leave the cheap, fake, sets-the-alarm-off bling at home! Or, if you must, put all of your jewelry in a little bag and once you've checked in, you can put it all on.
  5. Once you've gone through the metal detector and you're rushing to get your stuff, don't try and stand at the conveyor belt to put on your shoes and put your stuff back into your bag. Grab your trays and bags and take them to a nearby table or chair and then get to work. Don't make it difficult for the people behind you to get their stuff.
Don't be annoying on the plane
  1. When you're boarding the plane, have a strategy in mind. If you need to stow bags in the overhead bin make sure you put your bag in properly so that space is being used efficiently. Luggage with wheels should be placed wheels first (and not sideways, please!). And be as quick as possible!
  2. Seating in coach is more crowded than ever so watch out when you're reclining your chair, make sure to share your armrests with your neighbors (usually the courtesy rule is that people in the middle seats get both armrests since they're stuck in the middle), and be careful about kicking/kneeing the seat in front of you.
  3. Be aware of your fellow passengers' noses. Don't wear buckets of perfume/cologne/aftershave, don't apply strongly scented lotions while on the plane, and don't bring smelly foods to snack on (e.g. egg salad).
  4. If you're sitting in the window seat, you are officially in charge of the shade. Make sure to pull it down once you're in flight so people can sleep.
  5. Use the restroom courteously. Ladies, don't spend copious amounts of time in the bathroom applying makeup and men, please put the toilet seat down and everyone, remember to flush and keep things clean (I won't go further than that).
Overall, the lesson is to just be courteous and mind your manners.