Past Trips: Glasgow

We were supposed to hit up both Edinburgh and Glasgow but because of a time restraint we ended up sticking with Glasgow. How did we decide? Our departure city was London and the bus tickets to Glasgow (£10 per person via National Express) were cheaper - plain and simple. The bus ride was 8+ hours overnight so we saved money on lodging, though we sacrificed a bit of comfort. You should note that National Express is another one of those places where tickets are cheaper the earlier you book.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express which was the cheapest hotel we could find in the city center. It was literally right across the street from the Buchanan Bus Station (where we arrived and would later depart from) so it was incredibly convenient.

The city has a pretty easy public transportation system but the weather was great and we wanted to explore as much as possible so we ended up walking everywhere. Here are some photos of the sights.

Buchanan Street
George Square (down the road)
Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow Cathedral
St. Nicholas Hospital
St. Nicholas Hospital

Glasgow Royal infirmary

St. Nicholas Garden
ugly face statue!
Peacock in Princess Square
Princess Square
Bridge over the River Clyde
the Armadillo!
Bridge over the River Clyde
Donald Dewar Statue
(in front of the Royal Concert Hall) 

THE FOOD! We had two memorable meals so I'm highlighting them here.
tomato bisque
fig & goat cheese tartlet
roasted vegetables
creme brulee
We were only in Glasgow for one night so for dinner we wanted something a bit fancy. My sister did the research and we made a reservation at Two Fat Ladies and we were really excited because we used to watch a show on Food Network by the same name (though we later found out the two were not affiliated). The restaurant is known for its seafood so we made it a point to order as many oceanic dishes as possible. Everything was really delicious and we thought the ambiance was spot on - elegant but not stuffy.

chicken stroganoff
blintz with ice cream
blintz with beef
For lunch on one of our Glasgow days we went to this Russian restaurant, Cafe Cossachok, after reading rave reviews in one of the many brochures we picked up from our hotel. They boast themselves to be the first and only authentic Russian restaurant in the U.K. The food was different, but delicious and it was a nice new cultural moment for us.
statue in front of
Buchanan Station
I would have loved to spend more time here (though, don't I say that about every city?) but I thought we did a decent job of getting to know the city. Maybe I'll get to go back some time soon.