The Braid

I don't know about you, but riding on a plane, train, or bus for hours always leaves me feeling a little greasy and grimy. I think it has to do with the recycled air and the fact that the chair I'm sitting on has been used by millions of people before me. I find that the easiest way to feel fresh and not horribly disgusting when I arrive at my destination is to make sure I've done something with my hair.

My favorite thing to do is braid!

1. I like to pull my bangs back with a small braid along my hairline with the rest of my hair down. It's a half french braid, meaning I pull and incorporate bits of hair only from the hair closer to my face. For me, this works best when my hair is wet; results in the least amount of flyaways and stray hairs poking out all over the place.

I like this because it keeps the hair out of my face but it looks really polished. I'll do this when I want to leave my hair down.

2. The fishtail braid is easy and looks really cool, much more interesting than a normal braid and less stuffy than a schoolgirl-ish french braid. I always get some sort of comment/compliment when I do my hair this way.

I think it looks nicer if you have some highlights because it gives some depth to your braid and makes it look stripey. And I like to do this when I want my hair completely out of the way.

(I took these photos in my hotel room before getting ready to board the Amtrak a few weekends ago).

I also think it's really important to be super comfortable but not look like a slob. My current obsession is the collection of yoga pants from Victoria's Secret. I hate hate HATE the velour tracksuit outfit (that every tween and "cool mom" seem to love, thanks a lot, J.Lo). I think it's tacky and makes you look like a slob. But yoga pants can look rather chic. I like the yoga leggings, which I'll tuck into a pair of boots and pair with a tunic and sweater.

I'm hopping on the Amtrak again today to head home (to NJ) after work. I bought my tickets a little late so they were sort of expensive, but I didn't care too much since I get to expense these with my company. However, if you can plan your trip way ahead of time, Amtrak can be really affordable. It's like trying to book a flight; prices go up as time passes. But I once bought my tickets 3 months in advance and did NYC to DC for $80 roundtrip, which is pretty awesome. It's always all about the timing.

Chugga chugga, choo choo.