Revitalash Update

It's two days until Christmas. You'd think I would have some festive post to share. Nah, I'm just showing you closeups of my eyeballs today.

I've still been using Revitalash daily and it's still working. My lashes just keep getting longer and longer and thicker. It's awesome. I thought I would share another update. It's been about four months and I'm still loving it. I'm also still on my first tube, which is great. And, it's worked so well that my sister is going to give it a go. See? It really works! To be fair, it might not work for everyone, so don't go into it expecting miracles to happen. If you lower your expectations, then you'll be okay. If you want, you can read my initial review and see the results from within one month of use for some more details.
I'm not sleeping. I'm just trying to show you my lashes. And sorry that I look so greased up. I had just done my evening routine and my face is slathered in coconut oil there.

I dated the snaps so you can have an idea of the comparison. This first shot is the before
Here I am in October. There's a huge difference, right? So my eye shapes are slightly different so my left eyelashes curl up a bit and that's why they look a little shorter.
Here are my eyes with some makeup. I'm a one-coat-of-mascara kind of girl because I hate dealing with spider lashes but it still makes a huge difference. It definitely darkens and thickens and lengthens my lashes and shows off the Revitalash's progress.
Here's a side view. Sorry, you're about to get kind of intimate with my face, here.
And here are my lashes about a week ago.
And here's a collage so you can see a side-by-side of my lashes before and now. As you can see, they've come a long way, for sure. They're definitely longer, for sure fuller, and each individual hair seems to be somewhat thicker. Score!
That's it for now! If I see more progress, I'll share it here.



  1. Ooo!!! I have just noticed I'm having issues with my lashes - I don't know what it is (old age???) - they are no where near as long and full as they used to be and there is a section (on both eyes) in the middle that looks like they were cut off half way! It makes me so self conscious and because I'm afraid to lose anymore I've sworn off my eyelash curler and I'm trying to swear off mascara but I hate how I look with naked eyes :(
    I am definitely going to try this stuff, thank you!!!!!!


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