Mohonk Mountain House

Last month, I drove up to New Paltz for a little conference for work. The venue of choice: Mohonk Mountain House. So yes, these photos are way overdue, but I thought they were gorgeous and full of autumn cheer and perfect for this lovely Thanksgiving week.
It was a great time of year for being in the countryside because the fall foliage was at its finest. I took a lot of photos and you will be subjected to an overload of autumn colors and crunchy leaves.

The drive up was incredibly picturesque. Oranges and yellows and gold and reds dotted my view. It also helped that the sky was a gorgeous blue.
To get to the Mountain House, you have to turn onto a little windy road and make your way up the hill. It's a quaint, lovely drive.
The hotel itself is rather gorgeous and huge. It's a family-owned place built by Quakers 145 years ago. I know it's 145 because they had signs up everywhere to announce that it was their 145th anniversary.
It's one of the most picturesque places ever, but I do have to tell you that Stephen King has stayed here on numerous occasions and I think it's what inspired The Shining because the hallways of the hotel totally gave me the creeps.
Despite the freaky hallways, the rooms were quite charming. I was in the country wing, which meant I had a super girly room with scalloped edge pillows and lacy curtains and pink and green tartan armchairs.
The bathroom was clean and cute.
The rooms did not have any televisions - yes, you read that right, no TVs - but I think this view might've made up for it. I was lakeside and the view was gorgeous.
The rocking chairs were a really cute touch.
And because it was so dark here, I thought I'd try my hand at taking some photos of the stars. I managed to leave my shutter open long enough to grab this shot. It's a little meh because there were some house lights left on all night (I guess for those who want to go for nighttime strolls and give themselves the creeps? Who knows) but I think it's still pretty cool. I mean, I haven't ever been able to capture this many stars.
Let's take a break from nature and jump to fashion, shall we? I thought I'd share a few of my outfit photos.
Here are my outfits:
All right, back to nature now.
If you're into golfing, they have a decent golf course here, from what I hear. If you're into pampering, they've got a decent spa here, from what I hear. If you're into nature, they've got lovely hiking and gorgeous scenery. I didn't actually do any hiking, but I can attest to the scenery being gorgeous.
I certainly enjoyed my two day stay here and would definitely recommend it for a family / couples / loner trip. Basically, anyone who comes here is likely to enjoy themselves.