Providenciales Part 10: Sunset

The sun has gone to bed and so must I-I-I-I! Part 10 is the final installment of my Providenciales series. And appropriately, it's all about the gorgeous sunset.
We went out to watch the sun set on four separate occasions.

The first night we went out, we were disappointed to see the sun was blocked by a bunch of stupid clouds.
It was still a gorgeous night but it was v. anticlimactic.
The second time we went out, we managed to catch the sun after it had already set.
The colors were definitely gorgeous but it was kind of sad that we'd missed watching the sun actually dip down below the horizon.
The third night, I totally came prepared with both my CSC camera and my iPhone. I set up my iPhone in a little stand (made by my shoes) and shot some time-lapse footage of the sun setting.
And, we also took some jumping photos because why not?
On our fourth sunset watching trip, I brought my camera remote with me so that we could take photos of the both of us.
We died of laughter almost the entire time.
If you're ever looking for a really good workout, try jumping up and down on a beach repeatedly for ten minutes. If you're not drenched in sweat by the end, you did it wrong.
So that's it for Provo posts. It's a little sad but I'm also somewhat relieved because it's been almost torturous to look at these toasty photos whilst enduring the real-life cold here in NJ.

And even though Providenciales was my last holiday of 2014, I've still got some fun posts lined up. I went to the Mohonk Mountain House for a work conference last month so I have lots of pretty foliage photos to share, I went to Philadelphia this past weekend so I've got to sort through my photos from that mini-break, and of course, with all of the holidays approaching, I've got some fun DIY gift ideas. I love being busy! Also, last week, I booked the flights for a trip to Italy for next spring so I'll be sharing that as well.