Providenciales Part 4: Smith's Reef

I've got more snorkeling shots to share today.
Last time, we didn't find Smith's Reef to be all that interesting. But this time, we loved it. It was so much more fun than Bight Reef.

We started parking along this little road, which was great because it brought us to the perfect spot.

Smith's reef is far less crowded than Bight Reef, mostly because there are no hotels here, so it makes for a more relaxing and fun snorkeling experience.
The reef here is gorgeous with several kinds of colorful coral and of course, plenty of fish.
I mean, I don't think you can tell, but that darker branchy coral was a bright purple in real life.
Here's a gratuitous shot of my body. No, I'm kidding. But for some reason, my camera kept on taking photos on its own. Probably due to the water pressure.
Of course, I had to do some mermaiding.
Water is the essence of wetness.
Here's baby sister mermaiding.
Clarity wasn't always ideal, but I think I managed to capture a few amazing snaps, don't you?
Oh, hello there!
That green horizontal line is an eel, by the way.
There he is again!
 Check out the little red guy! I think it's a glass eye snapper.
And here's some orange guy.
If you haven't ever been snorkeling before, Turks & Caicos is a great place to start. The reef is chock full of fish and it's close to the shore, which makes for an easy experience.