Providenciales: Snorkeling Smith Reef, East Side

There's a second parking area for Smith Reef. Instead of going left down Coconut Road, head right down Smiths Reef Rd. When you reach a dead end and a cul-de-sac-ish area, park anywhere you can, without blocking anyone's driveway.
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We thought the east side was much more fun than the west side. We decided to go to the part of the reef that was near the walking trail because we figured, if we find the walking trail, we'll know exactly where the reef is and we won't end up in an area that's all sea grass.

So we found the walking trail and plopped our stuff down and went snorkeling.
These weird fish loved to swim around our legs and nip at our toes. The first time it happened, I freaked out and swam away, but then I found a bit of courage to stick around and try to snap a few photos.
The water here is actually really shallow all around so it's great for beginners and non-snorkelers who still want to observe fish.
And if you don't know what it looks like, here's a larger shot of the sea grass. It's eerie looking, right?
Reminds me of those creepy looking polyps in The Little Mermaid...