Providenciales: Things We Didn't Do

This is (v. likely to be) my final Provo post (at least until my next trip). There are a few activities we considered doing but ended up either not being able to or deciding against it, and I thought I'd blog about them because I did the research, what a shame and waste if nobody uses it.
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One of the things I really wanted to do was to go on the glowworm cruise. Glowworms are insects that glow through luminescence. There are many different types but the ones residing around Provo will mate a few days after the full moon. The females will swim into the water and start to glow and release eggs (the eggs also glow) and spin around the attract males. The males will follow and also glow and swim around to fertilize the eggs. And then in a sad turn of events, a few minutes later, the males will sink to the bottom of the ocean and die. I sort of imagine it would be like sailing in the actual night sky with stars flickering, but since I didn't get to experience it, I'll never know! [It's because we were scheduled to leave the morning of the cruise, boo].

I found two reputable companies that charter these cruises:
I read some reviews about Silver Deep and they tend to crowd the boats and the amount of food served doesn't seem to be worth the $26 price difference with Sun Charters. But if you are headed to Provo and have a chance to go on the cruise, please do!
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Another activity we considered was horseback riding on the beach. It seemed like it would be a lot of fun but we were both apprehensive about riding horses (which are HUGE animals that can be intimidating and a little bit scary) and it's at least one hour of direct sun exposure. We experienced a bit of sunburn just from 30 minutes of sitting in the sun to build a sandcastle so we knew that an entire hour in the sun would not bode well.

Again, I found two reputable companies that will take you riding:
Provo Ponies seems to be the more popular/well-known company but Caicos Corral has just a few horses so most rides are like private ones with just two or three people so it's all a matter of what your prerogative is.
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And one more thing we wanted to do but decided against was renting bikes. Yes, our hotel had bikes to borrow but it was for just two hour periods. We thought it might be cool to rent a bike for the day and bike all around the island but it was just too hot, we knew we'd suffer heat exhaustion. However, if you're a super athlete that is no stranger to pulsating heat, then biking would definitely be a fun experience.

Two bike rental places:
  • Caicos Cyclery - $25/day or $22.50/day for 3 or more days or $140/week and prices include a bike chain, lock, basket, and helmet
  • Scooter Bob's - $15/day or $10/day for 5 days or more and prices include bike lock, chain, basket, and helmet