Providenciales Part 7: Pool

One thing that I love to do when I'm on a beach holiday is to "rinse off" in the pool. If there's only one bath that you're sharing with others when you're on a beach holiday, it's really not the most pleasant experience to wait for your turn to have a shower while you're sticky and gritty with salt. So, it's nice and refreshing to jump into the pool and get rid of that salty feeling. Plus, if you've been baking in the sunshine for hours, hopping into some cool water is a great way to stop the "cooking" process.
This post is kind of pointless. It's not informative and it doesn't really tell a story or anything. It's just a bunch of photos of my sister and me in the pool. It sounds boring but I think these are hilarious.
I seriously cry with laughter when I look at these. They're so awkward and entertaining.
And if you would, please excuse my pudgy little belly! I was using my camera remote to take these photos and I had to stay stooped down to aim the remote and to be able to gently place it on the edge of the pool before leaping up into the water. I didn't have a chance to stretch and look lean.
Seriously, can you look at these without laughing?
After all that splashing, I had to take a break. If you're looking for a good workout, repeatedly jumping into a pool is a great one.
We also tried these hair splashy things. I put my camera in slo-mo and we had the most hilarious time with these.
I really think the trick is to start with dry hair. My entire head was soaking straight to my scalp so my hair didn't flip as elegantly. No matter though, because the point was to be hilarious.
I mean, there isn't even an ounce of grace in this. It's just hilarity all around.
And because I can't deny myself the opportunity for a good GIF, here's one of the best ones ever. I'm just bicycling my legs and floating on air like some sort of witch!