Providenciales Part 5: Beach

Obviously, our trip to Providenciales was totally beach-based. 80% of what we packed was swimwear, we toted four bottles of sunscreen with us, and we were staying right on Grace Bay, which is known for being one of the best beaches in the world.
I thought I'd share some of my favorite beach photos today. It was hard to be selective so I might have gone a little overboard but hey, I don't think a little gratuitous turquoise water action is going to be objected to by anyone, especially now that it's getting friggin' cold outside.

You will notice that we took several dozen jumping photos. Some were successful and some were not - both are shared here. I have to say that jumping on wet sand is a great thigh workout.
I love how tan I am in this one. It's a little much, to be honest, but I'm usually pasty pale, so it was actually kind of cool to me that I was able to get toasty and not sunburned. By the way, my back was much more tanned than my front because we went snorkeling a ton and I didn't lay out quite enough to balance it out.
Guys, you might judge this photo thinking that I think that I'm super cool. I was just joking around with my sister. But don't I look great? Kidding! To be honest, anyone looks good in front of these crystal blue waters.
We had a hard time coordinating some of these...
GIFs are always a bonus.
This might be the best one we were able to get all trip.
This one's pretty good too!
I super duper miss this place. With every post that I write, I go through bouts of withdrawal. Provo, we'll see you soon! I swear, I'm going to watch flight prices like a hawk because I will be heading back. I promise.