Pamper Evening

I love the idea of spa days but I'm a really big homebody and I'd rather indulge myself in the comfort of my own home. So, I just DIY a spa night in my own house. I especially love pamper evenings when the weather starts to get cold. I just think it's lovely to warm up in the bath, relax with some candles, maybe some bubbles, and definitely some Netflix.
First things first, you need to gather up all of your loveliest skin-loving products.

If I've got makeup on, I like to start by removing it (I love cleansing oils to get rid of my makeup and the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing oil is awesome, as is the MAC Cleanse Off Oil). I gently rub the oil into my face and even onto my eyes to dissolve the makeup, add a little water to emulsify the oil, and then rinse it all away. Then, for an even deeper clean, I grab my Clarisonic (I have the Mia2) and a good foaming cleanser (I like the DDF Brightening Cleanser) and scrub away all of the dead skin cells and clean my pores.
Then, I run a really hot bath. I like water that's almost too hot.
And if you're so inclined, I think you should grab a few candles and light them for some ambiance. I think it really makes the bath more relaxing. The orange candles are tropical scented and the giant pink one below is bubblegum. I pick the scent based on what my mood is.
And if you're like me, you won't be able to just stew in hot water without an activity. So, either grab your favorite book, a trashy magazine, and/or turn on some of your favorite tunes. Or, if you're like me, skip the music and throw on some Netflix.
While the water's going, I like to put on a face mask. I love a good hydrating mask, but because I have quite oily skin, once a week, I like to use this Clinique mask. It's quite good. And while I sit around looking like a monster, I chuck on some teeth whitening strips.
I also love to use a Lush bath bomb, bath melt, or bubble bar to enhance the experience. The honey bath bomb is one of my favorites. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so nice.
It's fun to watch it fizzle. It did make the water kind of a weird green color, but I guess that's fun.
I'm also a huge fan of bubble bars. The comforter is my favorite. It smells like candy and totally matches the scent of my bubblegum candle. Bonus: it turns the water pink!
Once there's enough water in the bath (enough meaning I could sit in the tub and the water comes up to my shoulders) I climb in and relax. The hot water totally soothes my muscles and the steam helps open up my pores.
Besides the normal soap and loofah action, I also love using Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. It negates the need to apply lotion after you've gotten out of the tub, which is awesome, but it also smells amazing and makes my skin super soft.
It's super creamy. I take a little dollop and dab a little bit on my legs, my tummy, my tush, my arms, my chest, and my back and then I rub it all around. Then, I just rinse. It's so much easier than putting on lotion.
While I soak, I just relax. And, to pass the time, I read. Currently, I'm reading Yes Please which is Amy Poehler's new book. Love her.
I also think it's great to sip on some cool water while I'm soaking in a steamy tub. Hydration starts from the inside.
When I get out of the tub, I pat myself dry (to preserve the effects of the Ro's Argan). And, since it's cold, I like to put on a cozy pair of pajamas. Then, I follow up with my usual night time skin routine. I use Shiseido White Lucent softener, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Shiseido White Lucent eye cream, and coconut oil as a moisturizer. Oh! And I use Revitalash.
Then, I just relax for a while, either read some more of my book or catch up on Instagram. Then it's bedtime. These pajamas are my new favorite wardrobe item. Yes, it's a onesie! It's super soft and plush and warm and totally fits the theme of a pamper evening.
Falling asleep after a pamper evening is so easy. It takes literally two seconds before I'm conked out because my body is already in a state of relaxation. It's the best winter time routine.

By the way, if you're wondering why there are two different backgrounds for the photos it's because half of the photos are from home and the other half are from when I was at Mohonk. Like, I said, I give myself pamper evenings regularly at home so it was, of course, imperative that I show you my at home pamper routine. And, since I didn't have time to go to the official spa while I was at Mohonk (as we had work-related activities all day long) I brought the spa to my room and documented that too. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Luckily, all of my pamper evenings are quite similar so it was easy enough to integrate footage from both nights.

Happy pampering!