Providenciales Part 2: Bight Reef

Last time we were in Provo (which was also the first time we were in Provo), my sister and I were obsessed with the snorkeling at Bight Reef. Because it was the dry season, the water was crystal clear and the visibility was incredible.

This time around, we were visiting during the wet season, though I'm wondering if I should put quotations around the word "wet" because it only rained once during our trip. Anyway, the water levels in general were much higher and the waves were a little more violent so visibility wasn't great and it was much more difficult to swim against the currents.
Despite the less-than-ideal snorkeling conditions, we managed to swim out here two separate times and I snapped a few photos with my underwater camera to share.

Last time we were here, there were hundreds of fish swarming this little tureen but this time, no one was home. I think most of the fish were either on holiday - in warmer or maybe less violent waters - or maybe we scared them away.
But, we were on a mission to find fish regardless.
We managed to spot a few cuties, here and there. And despite the fact that the waves were crashing my body to and fro, I was a pretty good fish photog; a poissonrazzi, if you will.

This tiny lady is a cocoa damselfish, I think. I'm sorry, I'm not an oceanographer. I'm just looking at a chart of different fish and trying to identify them.
This little guy is a yellowtail snapper. He and his buddies were swarming. Seriously, there were too many of these guys and they'd come right up to your face and look at you like, "Uh, hello. What are you?" but swim away before you could answer.
I think this one's a bar jack.
These are sea grapes. At least, I think they are. I find them when I'm playing Animal Crossing.
I think this is a blue tang.
This is a blue parrotfish.
This is me pretending to be a mermaid.
Here are some more blue tangs.
This is a sergeant major damselfish. There are jillions of these guys swarming around whenever we snorkel along with the yellowtail snapper.
So that's all I've got from Bight Reef. I told you, it just wasn't as interesting this time around. But, we went snorkeling a bunch at Smith's Reef (Turtle Cove) so I've got a few more pretty underwater shots to share so please come back!