Turks & Caicos: Packing List

Tomorrow, I'm flying to Turks & Caicos for the second time. I'm really excited. I'm definitely in need of a break and I'm excited for beach-worthy weather and sun and sand and surf.

By the way, if you're wondering, "What's so great about T&C that you're heading there again?" Well, first of all, the beaches are pristine. The sand is powdery soft, like flour, and it's white like the background of this blog. The water is crystal clear and unreal and the snorkeling is amazing. Secondly, they use the American dollar and the electricity outlets are the same as the U.S. so it's super convenient. Third, it's so close - 3 hours from the NYC airports - and the flights are typically v. affordable, if you book early enough. It's just the perfect tropical getaway. And now that the weather's getting a bit chilly here, I'm so ready for some steaming hot temperatures.

Here's what I've packed:
I'm hoping we get a good amount of sunshine but seriously, even if it rains, I'll be on cloud nine. I just need to relax and get away and have some me-time away from work. Last year in Belize, we experienced a rainstorm or two, but it was kind of perfect because our hotel room had a bunch of jigsaw puzzles. What can I say? We love our puzzles and games.