36 Hours in Toronto: Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley, also known as Rush Lane, was one of the coolest parts of this short Toronto trip. Apparently, every summer, graffiti artists come and take over the corridor for 24 hours of legal vandalism.
We made our way over on our bike share bikes (as I mentioned in my previous post).
To start, it was just "all right."
But then, as we walked deeper into the alley, it got progressively cooler.
This fish mural was so much fun.
Don't you wish you lived in one of these apartments? Except that you'd have creeps like us walking around your neighborhood all the time. I'd just get some really sturdy curtains and maybe tint my windows.
The ocean mural wrapped around the building.
Check out this rainbow lady. I think she's got a "Dia de los Muertos" vibe going on.
Angry birds here!
This couple was doing some sort of bizarre photoshoot near the Tom & Jerry graffiti. As my friend H said, if you can find someone who also wants to wear respirators and take photos in some shady graffiti-ridden alley, then good for you. Shared interests, right?
I don't know why, but I totally love this little dragon. I assume his name is 'Hug.'
Past a certain point, the graffiti started to get a little more dull and the area was a little more abandoned and creepy looking. And despite the fact that it was daytime, I had a little fear in my heart so we turned around to hop back on our bikes and explore the town some more.