Providenciales Part 3: Chalk Sound

If you're ever in Turks & Caicos, you've really got to visit Chalk Sound. It's a little cumbersome to visit because despite the fact that it's a national park, there is no official entrance. You've basically just got to drive around the residential area and pull into empty lots (most of which are for sale) and creep around to get some good views.

Luckily, it's not crowded and the residents aren't bothered by visitors (as long as the visitors aren't on their private property) so it's actually quite nice.

Chalk Sound is known for the lovely color of its waters and the cute little mushroomy looking baby islands.
We stopped at several little spots along Chalk Sound Drive. We'd pull the car over into whatever little patch of dirt we could find, so that our car would be out of the street, and then we'd walk out, snap a few photos, and then climb back in the car and look for the next dirt patch.
I sported a swim suit for the drive because I thought we might find an opportunity to swim in the sound. We didn't. But it was still a fun little drive.
I know these shots may seem repetitive, but I couldn't narrow them down! I love the color of the water here. It's almost milky looking due to the limestone deposits.
If you're not into the idea of driving on a winding road and stopping in empty lots like a big creep or if you don't have a rental car and need to take a cab here, I suggest heading directly to Las Brisas. You can check out the water in a more intimate setting and because it's so shallow here, the water is incredibly beautiful. I mean, look at it; it's like a minty pastel.
By the way, my bikini top is Marc by Marc Jacobs, my skirt is from H&M, and my hat is from Forever 21.
I'll leave you with one last shot of the lovely pastel waters. Seriously, if you head to Provo, definitely head to Chalk Sound, if only for an hour or two.