The Standard Grill

I went out to dinner in the city a a few weekends ago. My three friends and I went to The Standard Grill and had a lovely meal. Excuse the slightly poorer photo quality. I didn't have my good camera but thankfully, my new iPhone is not bad at all.
We started with cocktails.

We were given a little dish of radishes and parmeggiano regiano cheese to nibble on whiel we waited.
The menu is full of delicious apps, entrees, and seafood.
I got the 'Roman Holiday' which tasted almost like orange soda.
We got an order of fries to share as our appetizer.
For my main, I got the lamb t-bones. The marinade used on the lamb was delicious and I loved the cannellini beans.
L got the pork chop with cheesy grits. The pork was cooked so well - super moist.
D got the scallops. They were seared perfectly.
J got the strip steak with chimichurri. J loves chimichurri. The grilled flavor on the steak was amazing. But, I wasn't the biggest fan of their chimichurri. I prefer a super cilantro-packed sauce.
J, L, and I also decided to get pickles. I love pickles.
For dessert, we decided to share the banoffee pie and the wake & bake.
How cute is that milk jug? Too bad we're all lactose-intolerant.
The cookies were chewy and crisp but I thought they were way too chocolatey.
The banoffee pie was amazing. I didn't like the banana too much but I loved the caramel sauce and the crust.
Seriously, an excellent meal and totally worthwhile. If you're looking for a good meal, decent ambiance, and perhaps the opportunity to go to a biergarden either pre- or post-meal, then head on over to The Standard. You won't regret it.