36 Hours in Toronto: Bike Share

I am not a fan of exercise. Let me clarify, I am not a fan of going to a gym and running in place. However, I love certain active activities. Active activities; I need a thesaurus. Anyway, I love walking so I was excited that Toronto is such a pedestrian friendly city. But then we stumbled upon a bike share stand. I really love biking and H biked everywhere when she lived in the Netherlands so we were sold immediately.
It's $7 for a 24 hour "subscription" (or $15 for a 72 hour "subscription") and as long as each ride is shorter than 30 minutes, it's free. If you ride around for longer, you'll be charged $1.50 or more depending on the duration.

You need a valid credit card, of course. You swipe your card and you can purchase up to two bike subscriptions at once (perfect for H and I) and a $101 hold will be placed on your card for damages and for instances where you have thievery in your heart and you want to keep the bike forever.
The machine will generate a code and you can either memorize it on the screen or ask it to print it out. Then, you pick out a bike (I always chose one where the bike seat was already set to the shortest setting) and type in the little code. Just on the left of each bike stand, you'll see "1 2 3" and all of the codes are a combination of those numbers.
And then you're off!
We biked to graffiti alley and then we rode down to the waterfront. I've got dozens of more photos of graffiti alley so I'm going to share them in a separate post.
It was an incredibly gorgeous weekend. We were seriously blessed with amazing weather and warmth and sunshine.
Okay, so the lady with the pink outfit and pink bike basket; there's a story associated with this. If you look closely, you'll see that she has a dog in the basket. That yorkie was wearing pink rhinestone goggles! I'm a certified dog lover and my dog wears clothes (out of necessity, e.g. rain slickers for rainy days) but this dog was so high maintenance!
The harbor front area is gorgeous.
This is the one photo we managed to get of the two of us (at least, a photo that wasn't a selfie). We were down at a dead-end dock and we asked a father of two cute little girls to snap this. I figured, the only way he could steal my camera was to abandon his girls and jump in the water. Oh, and if you're wondering, my dress is from F21. It wasn't the smartest outfit for biking in but hey, this biking thing happened on a whim. Luckily, the dress has a huge slit up each side so I could pedal freely.
Two failed attempts to take a selfie with the CN Tower:
We also hit up St. Lawrence Market.
Seriously, we were both super in love with this bike share. It was affordable, convenient, and biking in Toronto is really easy. The terrain is pretty flat, traffic is bearable, and the drivers are all so nice. Canadians are notorious for being nice, right?
Thanks, Canada for the best bike share ever!