DIY Cake Toppers

Hi everyone! I'm still on holiday so I'll be sharing T&C related goodies when I return. In the meantime, I wanted to do a quick post on these DIY cake toppers that I made for a friend's wedding.
You'll need:
wooden letters (I got mine from Michaels for about $0.50 each)
spray paint (preferably food safe)
untreated wooden dowels
craft glue

Start by spray painting the letters. Start with the back and then flip the letters and spray the front. If you're wondering why the 'D' is black and the '&' and 'J' are white, it's because they ran out of each in the opposite color. So, there were no white 'D's and there were no black '&'s or 'J's. Hey, you make do with what you got.
Spray the letters in an even coat, holding the spray can about 18 inches away from the surface you're painting. This will ensure you get an even coat and reduces the chance of drip marks. I did a gold base all over, front and back, and then a gold glitter spray on just the front. Let the letter dry completely. Dry time will depend on humidity and temperature but I left my letters to dry for about 3 hours.
Aren't they so pretty? I freaking love the glitter.
Cut the wooden dowels to a reasonable size. Mine were about 5 inches - I wanted them to be long enough so that when they were punched into the cake, they'd be sturdy and stable. Dab a decent amount of glue onto each dowel and glue them to the letters.
Leave the letters to dry completely, at least 4 hours or overnight, if you can.
All that's left is to just stab them into the cake. I was a little annoyed by the wedding venue because they didn't quite stick the letters in correctly (they look a little wonky and crooked, if you can see) but it still looked quite pretty. Make sure that if you don't use food safe spray paint to make sure the letters aren't touching the cake; leave a little gap.
Happy crafting!