San Pedro Beach

Ambergris Caye beaches aren't really anything to rave about. Most hotels and restaurants along the beach are built quite close to the water so you only have a 20 foot width of sand on which to lay your towel and catch some sun. The water is clean and beautiful but there's a lot of seagrass, which I'm not a huge fan of, because the barrier reef makes the waters calm enough for it to grow.

However, the water is v. warm, which is lovely, and our neighboring hotel, Ramon's, had a little circle buoyed where there was no seagrass which made for a lovely swim spot.

Our hotel actually had sand all around its grounds so it felt like a private beach, which was lovely when we wanted to tan in peace and quiet. There are a lot of vendors that walk around the beach trying to sell you stuff, so we appreciated the privacy.

How incredible is this view?

I just wanted to share some of the awesome photos I was able to take while I was hanging out at the beach. If you are wondering, my purple bandeau top and ombre leopard print bottoms are from Victoria's Secret. My sister's seashell bandeau top is from Victoria's Secret and her tropical print bottoms are from H&M. My peach bikini is from Victoria's Secret, my flowy skirt is from H&M, and my floral headband is self-made. My sister's graphic bikini is from Billabong and her skirt is from H&M.

I miss this.