Alstede Farms

If you follow my food blog, you might've seen that I went strawberry picking a few weekends ago. Well, I'm back from Belize and since I have a nasty case of the post holiday blues, I thought I'd share some photos of the animals we saw that day. You know, to lift my spirits.
{baa ram ewe}
{ducks and geese}
{cute little goat, smiling for the camera}
{how pretty and sleek does his goatee hair look? I need to find out what shampoo he uses}
{baby goats!}
{look at their tiny little horns. I thought their horns looked kind of like turnips}
{cow eating a carrot}
{baby goat hiding out}
{someone fed the goat a carrot and this hungry cow was chasing him all around}
{a brown spotty goat}
{snapped the camera just when this goat was bleating}
{brown spotty goat from another angle}
{little sister letting the black goat sniff her hand}
{I'm proud as a peacork, baby!}
[[Quick! Name that TV show!]]
{hideous turkeys}
{I hate the texture of their pink heads}
{I spy, with my little eye, a goat sitting on some rocks}
{this grandpa goat needed shade and rightly so, as it was a hot hot hot day}
I love animals! Though, I should clarify and say that I don't necessarily want to interact with them and invite them to my house but I care about their well-being. That being said, I love goats and I do want to interact with them and invite them to my house. I'd love to have some as pets! They're quite social and they supposedly get along with dogs so that's perfect in my eyes.

Anyway, when's the last time you went and saw cool animals? I say you plan a trip to a farm or a zoo ASAP. It's fun and it will make you feel like a kid again.