Biking Ambergris Caye Part 1

Our first full day on the island, we didn't have anything planned so we decided to borrow bikes from our hotel and just explore the town. I always like to spend the first day in a location getting to know the neighborhood surrounding my hotel and seeking out cool stores and yummy-looking restaurants. And, because it was an amazingly beautiful day, we quite enjoyed the experience.

Here's my baby sister with her purple bike. She packed water bottles for us (which are hidden in that fish-print tote bag)
Here's a shot of a bunch of golf carts in town. I love how festive the street looks with the square bunting.

And here's the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church. We were riding around on a Sunday morning so we could hear the congregation singing hymns. It was lovely.
And here are my dad and sister. Doesn't the sky look amazing? The fluffy clouds are so pretty.
And here are my sister and I. Do you like our headbands? I'll be sharing a DIY tomorrow so stay tuned if you like.
We biked pretty far north up the island and ended up at this little secluded beach where we saw iguanas, which were like Belize's version of the squirrel.

And a self-portrait of the family.
And this is just me by the bikes with awesome palm trees in the background. If you're curious, my dress is from Victoria's Secret, my sunglasses are from Forever 21, and my shoes are Crocs (the Adrina Flats).
Some more family shots.
Coconut trees!
And here are some photos of the bridge we had to cross to get to and from the north part of the island.
On Sundays, there are no tolls but the rest of the week, cars and golf carts pay $10 BZE roundtrip, motorcycles and scooters pay $5 BZE roundtrip, and bicyclists pay $2 BZE roundtrip from 7AM to 9PM. However, when we biked here a few days later, despite being on bikes, we didn't have to pay. I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining. Pedestrians can always cross for free.
I hope you enjoyed these shots from our biking adventure. I'll be sharing Part 2 eventually.