Girly Post: Beauty in Belize

Traveling definitely takes a toll on your skin. For our trip to Belize, I was prepared with two different face masks to nurture our skin.

This first one is made by 'When' and it's one specifically meant to pamper your skin whenever you travel. I bought mine from Sephora on sale for $20 but normally, it's $28 for four masks. A little bit pricey, but this mask definitely works. It's a sheet mask that you leave on for 30 minutes and it plumps and hydrates your skin, which is something you need after hours spent in the dry air of a plane. I quite liked these masks, though the price point makes it a 'splurge' item and not a necessity.
This second mask is much more affordable ($2). It's a chocolate mask that smells amazing and also hydrates your skin. They look ridiculous, as you can see in the photo below, but it works well and makes your skin feel great. We got two uses (each) out of this small packet, so it's really worth your money.
I definitely recommend treating yourself to some beauty regimens when you're on vacation. Pampering myself is part of my holiday relaxation requirement and it should be part of yours too.