George Michael's Haircut

So it's been three days since I got back from Belize. I'm still editing photos and organizing my thoughts into coherent blog posts (yes, it takes me that much effort to produce content for this blog) so I thought in the meantime, I'd share some photos of my dog being himself after a morning spent at the groomer's. Plus, I'm still suffering from post holiday blues and nothing cheers me up like my dog.
{hanging out in my room}
{yes, that's a yoga ball next to my closet}

{Hey, there!}
{I love GM's crooked bottom teeth}
{I moved to this side of my bed so I could get a shot of him in better lighting but now you see my messy room}
{Ma, why are you taking photos of me when I'm trying to have nap on the couch?}
{I love puppy paws. So cute!}
{All of a sudden showing interest in the camera...}
{Let me sniff the lens.}
{Let me sniff it even harder.}
{Okay, I'm tired of sniffing. Please go away.}
{I'm going to lay here with my new toy.}
{Thanks for the cookie, Mum.}