Plane Snacks (Belize)

I used to love Continental Airlines. They always gave out free food (snacks for shorter flights, full meals for longer flights) and the on flight entertainment was free too. But, since their merger with United, now we have to pay for food and movies. This just means I bring my iPad and make my own snacks instead of spending money on mediocre food and lame movies.

For our trip to Belize, we made kimbap (Korean-style sushi rolls without the raw fish). It's basically the perfect snack because it's cut into bite-sized pieces, it travels well, and it's healthy and customizable. You can use ingredients you like; we used carrots, cucumbers, pickled radish, spam, and egg.

The sticky rice is flavored with sesame seeds, sesame oil, and rice wine vinegar.
And then the rice and filling ingredients are simply rolled up in a piece of nori (seaweed) and then sliced.
Yum! So perfect, right?
 We packed our kimbap in plastic takeout containers.
And then they can be enjoyed anywhere, like while you're waiting for your flight. No silverware necessary.
We ate about half a container while we waited for our flight to board. And in case you're wondering, my pants are from H&M. I love them. They are so comfortable and they were perfect for a tropical holiday because of the palm tree print but also, because they are long, they kept me warm on the chilly airplane. Also, they were only $10 because they were on sale.
And look, kimbap is perfect for enjoying with a complimentary beverage on the tray table. The great thing about kimbap is the lack of salt. Sure, the spam is salty (even though I chose low-sodium) and the pickled radish contains salt, but there isn't much. And this low-sodium snack will help prevent bloat.
Oh, and it's also a good idea to bring some fruit. Grapes, apple slices, oranges, berries - all great and delicious and healthy and they'll keep you hydrated. Hydration is important on airplanes.
Here are my sister and dad, content and full.
And I thought I'd just share the view we had when we took off and then the view we had just before we landed. Lovely aqua blue waters.
I'll be sharing our Maya Island Air flights next. It was an amazing experience so I can't wait to share photos.