Packing 101 (Belize)

Organizing the photos from my Belize trip has been a lot of work; and I'm still not done! It's also a bit of work figuring out how I want to organize my blog posts but I thought I'd start with something easy: photos of how we packed our luggage.

My technique is to roll everything up. Obviously smaller items, like swimwear, can just be folded as best as you can, but seriously, roll what you can. Rolling your clothes is so much more space efficient and it also helps to minimize wrinkling.
Here's what our shared luggage looked like after all of our clothes were packed. There were over 50 pieces in our bag - impressive, no? Keep in mind that this is a roller carry-on that fits in the overhead luggage compartment with no problems. Are you impressed now? We put the non-squishy items (e.g. shoes and snorkels) on top of everything else.

Tada! In my smaller bag, I put my electronics (camera, chargers, phone) and important things like money and passport.
Sorry this post is kind of boring but hopefully it was informative. I have a lot of fun stuff coming! I promise you lots and lots of blog posts with awesome photos of San Pedro town, snorkeling videos, beaches and blue water, and all that jazz.