Highline Park

Happy Independence Day! I'm still in Belize so this is a pre-scheduled post.

A couple weekends ago, I spent the afternoon in the city with my sister. We ate at an amazing restaurant, Scarpetta and got cupcakes at Molly's Cupcakes and then we went to The High Line. The High Line, if you don't know, is a park that's built on an old above-ground railroad. You can read more about it on their official website.
{here we are being silly on the train into the city}
{this photo is a bit pointless}
{I just wanted to show you my hair}
{this is New York's Meatpacking District}
{If it weren't for that chick in the green shirt, you'd be able to see a bit of the High Line in the background}
{they light the plants so you can still enjoy the park at night}
{And you get some different views of the city}
{I used a long exposure time on my camera to capture these}
{food vendor area/billboard/more sunset/us}
{if you're unsure of where you are, just check the rails}
{and then we ended up at Dillon Gallery}
Now that the weather's nice and warm, I recommend you head to the High Line. It's a great park with lots of seating and food vendors and it's a great route to walk along if you're meandering around that neighborhood anyway.