Snorkeling: Mexico Rocks & Tres Cocos

Our second snorkeling excursion with Searious Adventures was to Mexico Rocks and Tres Cocos. Mexico Rocks was an amazing spot where we saw tons and tons of fish - seriously, they were swarming - and beautiful coral. Tres Cocos was a shallow area (even at 5'2", I could stand in most spots) where we saw a lot of tiny baby fish, squid, and an octopus.

Our guide, Eddie, had made this heart out of conch shells, which I thought was awesome.
I dove into the heart of the ocean! Just kidding. That is so disgustingly corny. I'm sorry.

Excuse the marks on our face from our masks.

Tres Cocos was another short boat ride away. Because the water was so shallow, my photos came out much crisper and clearer than at any of the other sites.

There's an eel in the photo below. Do you see it?
Do you see that purple squishy-looking mass in the center of the photo? That's actually an octopus! It was kind of gross but mostly awesome.

Honestly, I don't think I can say it enough. If you love snorkeling, head to Belize.



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