Maya Island Air SPE to BZR

We took Maya Island Air back to Belize mainland to fly home. It was quite a different experience because the airport is basically two tiny buildings (one for each airline) and there is no security. You just check in and grab tickets, pass your luggage to the handlers, and hop right on the airplane.

They gave us laminated boarding passes, which are color-coded by flight (ours say "organge" but I think they meant "orange") and they will say, "Orange boarding passes to Belize International boarding now." Makes it quite easy. And I like that they're not wasting lots of paper everyday to print out boarding passes.
While we were queued up to board the plane, one of the airline's helpers asked my sister if she wanted to ride beside the pilot, which was pretty cool.

I handed her my camera so she could take a photo of the cool gauges and controls.
And then we were off. Bye, Ambergris Caye. I'll miss you.
Once the water started to go green-ish, I knew we were close. The water is brackish closer to the mainland (river water mixing with the ocean water).
There's the river!
The flight was just as cool the second time around. Once we landed at Belize International, we headed to the United Airlines counter, got our boarding passes, went through security, and then waited for our flight. You know, the usual.

Last post will be this Monday, which makes me a little sad because this was an awesome trip and I've been reliving it through these posts. Alas, all good things must come to an end... and it just means I need to hurry up and plan another trip.