Sandcastles in the Sand

Because the beach is so skinny and because summer is the wet season with frequent middle-of-the-night rains, San Pedro beaches are awesome for making sandcastles. The day after we got back from Lamanai, my sister and I built a sand temple/ruin. We got quite a bit of attention with locals and tourists taking photos of our creation.

So proud!
We took a few perspective-manipulation photos to make it look like we were standing on top of our temple. I'd say they're 72% convincing.
Later, we hopped in the pool and - actually, this might've been on a completely different day - regardless, we saw this hermit crab! My sister actually spotted him. He was so tiny. Sis said we probably should've put our hands in the photo just to show a little perspective. He was about the size of a kidney bean.
You're never too old to make sandcastles (or sandtemples)!