Last Day in San Pedro

This post should also be titled "Biking in Ambergris Caye Part 2" but I didn't really take many photos of us biking so I went with a different title.

For our last full day in San Pedro, the weather gods smiled upon the island and granted us blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and lots of sunshine. We decided to take another bike ride and this time we ended up a lot farther north than our first bike trip. I've been trying to figure out on Google Maps how far we were exactly but it's hard.

The easiest way to show you is with this landmark. The San Pedro Police Department (a tiny 1 room building) and a huge yellow sign for Palapa's Bar & Grill, which, by the way, looked awesome. You can sit in floaties in the ocean and they bring you drinks.
Many of the signs are hand painted and I think they look really cute.

We decided to walk towards the ocean. Can you believe that turquoise color?
Para, para, paradise.
If I could teleport through space and time, I'd bring myself right back here. This would make an awesome postcard or desktop background.
On our way back, we saw a bunch of iguanas in the road. Only one of them stuck around long enough to get his photo taken, though.
I miss this.
So after this, I only have two more Belize-related posts left! I should start planning my next holiday ASAP.