DIY Crop Top

I'm taking another quick break from Belize posts to share this DIY.
I was inspired by this Balenciaga crop top that I saw both Gwyneth and Kristen wearing.

You'll need:
a tank dress (I chose a pretty pastel green instead of white)
a bra
needle & thread
Here's a diagram of how you'll want to cut the dress. Just a straight line right down the front to create two flaps. And in the back, your goal is to cut out a "square" that creates the crop silhouette. The tank dress you use should preferably be a cotton-blend or something that won't fray when it's cut, unless you don't mind or you actually want to hem everything.
So start cutting. Make sure when you're cutting out the back that you cut the hem out along with the scrap piece you're discarding. This will just make sure there isn't extra bulk or an awkward hem attached to the two front flaps.
Once it's all cut up, it should look kind of like a weird vest with a super long front and a super short back.
Next, cut apart the bra so that the cups are separated from the straps. I took out the underwire from mine because I wanted my top to be a bit more comfy but that's up to you.
Sew the cups into the dress. What I did was try on the top and used a safety pin to secure the cups in the right spots before taking it off and sewing it all up. I also folded over the fabric along the neckline and sewed it to the bra to create a prettier shape.
The last step is to take the hook-eye closure from the bra and sew it to the bra cups so that you have a way to keep the crop top secure and in place. This step is optional, but I think it made my boobs look nicer and it made me feel a bit safer. No wardrobe malfunctions for this lady.
To wear the top, put your arms through the arm holes, hook the clasp together, grab the flaps (which I knotted just for looks) and cross them over, bring the remaining material around to your back and tie as tight as necessary. This DIY is neither as structured nor as beautiful as the Balenciaga top, but it's much more affordable and it does the trick.
Here's my top "in action." I wore it to my friend's birthday celebration at the Plaza for tea and then Le Bain for happy hour libations. It was super comfy and kept me cool.
Happy crafting! I'll be back to Belize posts tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


  1. thank you very much for this wonderful idea!

  2. So cute! Thanks for sharing. Do you just discard the bra straps?

    1. Yeah, I just threw them out. But if you have pretty straps, you could sew the ends together and make one of those bra strap headbands. Remember those from the early 2000s? Haha! Or, in all honesty, you could save it for any time you need something elastic and adjustable (for example, if you were making a sleep mask).


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