Italy 2015: Cinque Terre Video Diary

I've been trying to be more of a videographer when I go on trips. It all started in Belize. I ordered a MacBook while I was there (because it was when they were starting their educational sale that offered a $100 gift card incentive) and knowing I'd have iMovie, it encouraged me to take some video. Since then, I've been trying to get better at making videos. I made a video for last year's France trip, which was rather long, but really fun for me (and my fellow travelers) to watch.

So, during this trip, I made more effort to take more video clips. Well, I managed to grab over 250. I didn't want to end up with a 15+ minute video (like last year) so I decided to make a separate video for each town.
I love making these videos because I get to relive the trip.

I really hope that the video was fun to watch. I had so much fun making it and Cinque Terre is so beautiful that it really deserves to be featured in both stills and video.