Italy 2015: 24 Hours in Genova

Genova was a gorgeous city to photograph. Between the gorgeous facades and winding alleyways, I was whipping out my camera at every turn.
Even though Genova was never really on my radar, I definitely really enjoyed it. We hit a snafu here and there (with the funicular being closed and museum Monday closures) but it was still fun. Plus, two adorably old ladies saw us struggling to find a place on our maps and they helped us and totally made our day. One of the ladies told us that we were beautiful girls ("belle ragazze") and she was so incredibly sweet.

The harbor is beautiful, crowded, and a great place to shop. On the weekends, there's a flea market and food stands. And this is where we decided to start our tour of Genova.

We lucked out and stumbled upon Sapori Al Ducale market. We lucked out in two ways: one, that it was happening while we were there, and two, that we found it by chance. We ended up tasting lots of delicious goodies (cookies, pesto, cheese, meat) and bought a few gifts for ourselves.
This is one of the prettiest squares, mostly because it's so clean. The fountain is huge and beautiful and the overspray is welcome on a hot day.
Via Garibaldi is a gorgeous little alley lined with palaces (which are now museums).
One of the best things you can do in Genova is to just wander. Get yourself lost in the skinny little alleys and just walk and be. It's a gorgeous city that's full of old world charm.
Way back when, Genova protected itself with winding walls. Most of those walls have been demolished but this remaining beauty offers a fun place for selfies.
The funiculars were down so we took the bus up to Righi. I definitely recommend the climb because you will get some amazing views of the city.
We spotted this gorgeous house (it was huge and definitely just some rich person's residence and not a museum or hotel) and I wished so much that I lived there.
We decided to climb our way down (instead of hopping back onto public transportation). It reminded me of our descent from Notre Dame de Fourviere in Lyon.
I was in love with the wisteria. I mean, that purple is so friggin' gorgeous, right?
The climb down probably took a little over an hour, but you have to consider the fact that we stopped several times for photo ops and the fact that some of the steeper steps required us to shuffle our feet as we climbed down.
It's a gorgeous city and if it wasn't on your radar in the past, hopefully it will be now.