Italy 2015: 24 Hours in Alberobello

Taking photos in Alberobello was so much fun. First of all, the trulli are extremely photogenic. Secondly, we were blessed with beautiful weather and Zooey-Deschanel's-eyes-blue skies. And lastly, this town was full of adorable Italian grandpas that I became obsessed with because they were so charming.
We walked around "aww"-ing basically the entire time.

Square trees in the square! This square in the center of town is a perfect place to relax and people watch.
I seriously fell in love with these cute little grandpas. My sister told me that I was being a huge creep because I kept taking photos and video of them. But how could I not? Aren't they adorable in their newsie caps?
Admission to the museum is €3 per person and there's a lot to read. The translations were a little odd at times, but in general, it's a great place to learn about the history of the trulli, how they're built, and a bit of background on the Puglia region.
Admission into this two-story trullo (the only two-story trullo) is €1.50 per person and it's worth a visit. It's furnished like an old-timey trullo and it's pretty cool to take a little trip back in time.
The Trullo Sovrano had some short doorways that made me feel tall, which is quite a feat.
AIA PICCOLO (Residential Trulli District)
The little meadows in between the trulli were amazing because it looked just like a fairy tale, kind of like The Shire.
RIONE MONTI (Commercial Trulli District)
The charming trulli of Rione Monti can be seen from the little overlook in Piazza del Popolo. Go when the sun's just coming up or when the sun's starting to set or heck, just go whenever because the view is always beautiful.
This was our adorable little trullo, which was our temporary home whilst we were in Alberobello; #19.
We kept seeing these tiny little trucks everywhere and I would die of laughter every time. First of all, it's a tricycle. Secondly, the cab only had room for one skinny person. And lastly, it puttered so loudly. But, I suppose it was quite practical.
Could this town be any sweeter?