Italy 2015: 48 Hours in Cinque Terre (Part 1)

Cinque Terre is like a dream. It's incredibly picturesque and charming and wonderful. I would love to just retire (now, not in 40 years) and live there. That's how much I loved it.
We stayed in Vernazza and I just fell in love. I think it's the prettiest town in Cinque Terre, specifically because the hike up the mountain (heading towards Monterosso) allows you the most spectacular view of the village. It looks insanely perfect; it's unfair that I don't live here.

So, for Part 1 of my Cinque Terre blog, I'll be sharing lots of photos from Vernazza. Grab a towel because as Jean-Ralphio might say, "Your eyes are about to piss tears."

We arrived in Vernazza shortly after lunch time. After checking into our hotel and dropping off our luggage, we went exploring.
Though bottled water is the norm, the fountain water here was actually quite delicious. We filled up two water bottles before we went for a climb.
The terrace farming carves beautiful lines into the mountains.
The town is so small that there's just one main street. There are a few eateries, some small shops selling pasta and pesto, and gelaterias.
The next morning, we went for another climb. This time, we went for a different route. We hopped on the trail leading towards Monterosso and though it was quite strenuous, especially to our jet-lagged bodies, the view was worth it.
We saw lemon trees everywhere. It inspired me to buy a lemon tree when I got home.
This is the view that validated the strenuous hike.
We also explored a little cave and wound up at the town's beach.
On our last morning, we managed to wake up nice and early and watched the sun come up over the town.
To quell our rumbling tummies, we each grabbed a slice of tricolor pesto pizza. Pizza for breakfast is awesome.
I also creepily stalked a lady sketching and painting. Luckily, she was French so I was able to ask her if it would be okay to snap a photo. How pretty is that?
Watching the sun set was also lovely.
We also climbed the strenuous hike right after dinner to snap a twilight photo of the town. Postcard perfect, right?
I love you, Vernazza, and I promise I'm coming back!