Italy 2015: 48 Hours in Cinque Terre (Part 2)

For this Part 2 of my Cinque Terre blog, I'll be talking about the other four villages. Vernazza is definitely my favorite, but that doesn't make the other towns any less charming.
We grabbed a Cinque Terre card at the train station and hopped on and headed south.

The marina in Riomaggiore is incredible. The boat launch is right there - anyone could walk down into the sea - and the number of adorable boats lining the perimeter made it look so much more adorable.
And the best part is that you can just walk up the side of the harbor and snap some amazing photos of the gorgeous village. There's v. little effort involved in getting a fantastic shot.
I mean, this is serious. I took this photo. Me. A totally amateur photographer. You could take this photo with a really old cell phone camera and it would still look beautiful.
The actual town is bigger than Vernazza. The street is wider (and stock delivery vans drive up and down dropping off goods here and there) and there are plenty of shops.
Manarola is incredible too. It's built up along one side so when you walk out onto the path on the opposite side, you can get a beautiful view of the town.
A really nice lady offered to take a photo of us. I think this may be the only non-selfie photo of the two of us.
Here's a view of Manarola from Corniglia. Isn't it cute?
If you're visiting Corniglia, you have to climb a ton of stairs. There is an option to take a shuttle bus, but to get the real experience, you should climb.
Once you get up there, it's awesome. It's not easy to grab a postcard-like shot of Corniglia as with the other towns, but, you can either take a boat ride or grab a long distance shot from Manarola.
It's still beautiful and I love the gardens. Plus, Corniglia has the cutest little alleyways.
This is what I imagine when I think about the Italian Riviera.
So that's Cinque Terre! Gorgeous, right?

I'll leave you with one last beautiful shot of Vernazza, which is officially my favorite place in the world (for now).