Road Trip: Boston

In a week and a half, I'll be heading on a road trip to Boston. My fingers are crossed that the weather will be lovely and that the traffic will be sparse.

So far, all I have planned in my head is to go to Flour Bakery for a sticky bun and a homemade oreo and possibly a pub crawl. It's a city I've visited many times before so I'm hoping to also do some other interesting things, like maybe a museum.

But what I have pretty solidly planned are my outfits (courtesy Polyvore). Though, if it's rainy, I'll have to change things up.

boston road trip


  1. Love!!!!!! Love Boston and love that you are on polyvore! If you pass by the wharf where the aquarium is, smoke a cigarette and watch the planes go in & out for me! Hahahahahaha I think my favorite museum is the JFK, but I do love the MFA. Or maybe the Isabella Stewart Gardner!

  2. :D I'm looking for a good variety of things to do indoors and outdoors, just in case the weather sucks (like if it rains or it's balls hot) so museum suggestions are v. v. v. welcome.
    Also, I was just informed that it's going to be Pride week so I think we'll see lots of interesting stuff, haha.


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