Provo - Transportation

Providenciales is a relatively small island but according to all the online travel sources, a car is recommended. My hotel is located on Grace Bay Beach (where most of the resorts are) and everything you might need (bike rentals, grocery store, restaurants) are within walking distance. However, there are notable restaurants and other beaches to explore farther away but I'm thinking about just renting a bike.

Here's a map so you can get a context for the size of the island (customized with spots I want to remember):

The most popular bike rental outfit that kept popping up on my searches is Scooter Bob's, which is located in the Turtle Cove Marina. The rates online say $20/day or $15/day if you rent for 3 or more days. However, I emailed them to ask a few questions and the person who responded to me said $15/day or $10/day for 3 or more days. Either way, the rates are pretty reasonable (although in some places, like Maui, you can rent a car for that much!). They also provide locks but I read somewhere that there aren't many places to secure your bike on the island so you have to be careful.

The other rental place I found is Caicos Cyclery. Their rates are a little bit steeper - $25/day, $22.50/day for 3 or more days, $20/day for 7 days, 30% off for 8 or more days. But they provide you with a lock and a helmet, which is nice, and it's in the Grace Bay area.

The reason why bike rental is so much more tempting than car rental (which averages $60/day from what I've found from my personal research) is because I've read that the native drivers are v. aggressive, parking can be difficult to find, and the biggest reason is that they drive on the left side of the road and I don't think I want to have to worry about that during a relaxing holiday. Oh, and even though they drive on the left, most cars are imported from the U.S. so the driver's side is still the left... so I guess you'd learn how to drive like a mailman?