I LOVE flamingos. To be honest, I find birds a little scary but flamingos are pink! And the necks of two flamingos nuzzling each other form a heart! There's also the fact that my favorite DJ, Fedde le Grand, belongs to Flamingo Recordings (a Dutch house record label) and he produced a track called "Pink Bird," (youtube link).

Anyway, the point to this flamingo rant? There's a spot on North Caicos island called Flamingo Pond where thousands of flamingos just hang out so now I'm thinking about planning a day trip to North Caicos via ferry.

Flamingo Pond, North Caicos

The TCI ferry from Provo to North Caicos is really easy. The trip takes about half an hour and it's $25 per person one way (a bit cheaper for kids) and $40 for round trip. North and Middle Caicos need to be navigated via rental car (or a taxi, though that would be v. expensive) and the islands are big enough that cycling is only recommended for experts and super enthusiasts. Otherwise, you probably risk dying from exposure and heat exhaustion.

These islands are a bit more lush, since they receive the most rainfall, so they actually farm things here. If we decide to go, I'm going to stock up on mangoes, papayas, and maybe tomatoes. Apparently the tomatoes are really delicious. And of course, we'll head to the Flamingo Pond Overlook to spy on some cute pink birds. Can't forget to bring binoculars since they're a bit of a distance away usually.